Games and adaptated sports equipment

In this heading, you will find many links about information on toys, play and technology for children with disabilities.

  • AblePlay
    AblePlay is a toy rating system and website that provides comprehensive information on toys for children with special needs so parents, special educators, therapist and others can make the best choices for the children in their lives with disabilities.
  • Viomax Center (Montreal)
    The Viomax Center is a young non-profit organization that offers a wide range of physical activities for people with physical disabilities.
  • Guide “How to adapt activities in day camps”
    Produced by Handidactis, in collaboration with the city of Montreal and AlterGo.

    The objective of this document remains to give the best possible tools to the staff of the day camp to promote the social integration of young people living with a disability.
  • Let’s Play Projects
    These projects provide ideas and strategies to promote play through better access to play materials, and use assistive technology to give the children this critical access.