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Cerebral Palsy Consortium Newsletter
Vol. 1, no 1, june 2005.

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Launching of the Website - June 8, 2005

The theme of "social participation" for people living with a physical deficiency has been the focal point of our interventions over the past several years. For children living with cerebral palsy, full social participation means performing and accomplishing various social roles in both academic and extra-curricular environments (cultural, athletic, etc.). To accomplish this broad objective, these children must have the possibility to optimise their abilities and to evolve in appropriate environments. Our part as practitioners, parents, teachers, re-searchers or administrators is to provide support for these children during this process. To be able to do this requires that we bring together our common knowledge and expertise in this field. It is in this spirit that we have founded the Cerebral Palsy Consortium (CPC). The Consortium is a multidisciplinary initiative aimed at promoting research on the social participation of children living with cerebral palsy. Its success depends on the active collaboration of professionals from different settings, working closely with children living with cerebral palsy. We invite you to read through this news bulletin and consult our website to become familiar with the Cerebral Palsy Consortium.

Line Nadeau Ph.D.
Francine Malouin Ph.D.



Who are we?

The CPC's objectives, mission statement, and description may be found under this heading.


This section provides information regarding colloquia, conventions, sym-posia, and conferences related to cerebral palsy taking place in Quebec, in Canada, and internatio-nally.


The website provides access to literature related to cerebral palsy and to children's social participation.

Ongoing Projects

Found under this heading is a description of ongoing research pro-jects in Quebec and elsewhere related to the social participation of children living with cerebral palsy.

Sites and Other Interests

This section offers a number of links to the web sites of a range of associations, organiza-tions, and institutes dea-ling with children and families. You will also find links to websites that contain information on cerebral palsy.


CPC membership provides you with access to the internet discussion forum where topics related to the social participation of children living with cerebral palsy are addressed. Furthermore, members receive the CPC newsletter, published four times a year as well as information about CPC website updates, all by e-mail.

New Projects at the " Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche en réadaptation et intégration sociale (CIRRIS) " (Interdisciplinary centre for research on rehabilitation and social integration)

  • · Elaboration of a multidisciplinary assessment scale for out of centre activities focusing on the social participation of children living with cerebral palsy.
  • What are they doing now? What has become of them? A profile of the social participation of adults living with cerebral palsy who have received interventions at the IRDPQ as children (Quebec City, Canada).

The following will appear in our September 2005 newsletter:

  • Highlights: Cerebral palsy Colloquium, June 8, 2005.
  • Report: Meeting of the paediatric physiotherapist work group,
    June 3, 2005.
  • Research: Children living with cerebral palsy included in regular school classes: A Quebec profile.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any information regarding events or projects concerning the social participation of children with cerebral palsy. We will be happy to add this new information to the news bulletin or to our website.

Thank you and have a great summer!

Writing by :
Marie-Hélène Ouellet


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