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Social participation of people living with a physical deficiency has been a key focal point of our rehabilitation interventions for the past several years.
Full social participation for children living with cerebral palsy implies performing and accomplishing various social roles in both academic and extra-curricular environments (cultural, athletic, etc.). In order for them to achieve this, they must be provided with the possibility to optimise their abilities and to evolve in facilitating environments.

As practitioners, parents, teachers, or researchers our role is to offer children effective support during this process. In order to accomplish this objective, it is necessary for us to gather common knowledge and expertise in the field. It is in this spirit that we have founded the Cerebral Palsy Consortium.

The Consortium is a multidisciplinary initiative promoting research on the social participation of children living with cerebral palsy. Its success depends on the close collaboration of people from different settings and disciplines who are actively involved with children living with cerebral palsy.

Importance of Dental Care

Your mouth tells a lot about you, more specifically your health status; your dentist has told you this on several occasions as you go for checkup or accompany your child for one. However dental care not only involves regular visits to the dentist but also entails oral hygiene; keeping your mouth, teeth and gums clean so as to prevent dental disorders, more so it also entails eating healthy foods, those that will boost the health of your gums and strength of your jaws and teeth. Foods rich in calcium are more advisable.

Children should take lots of milk and avoid sugary foods as they lead to decay of teeth especially if the sugars are not got rid of, make it their routine to brush teeth before they go to bed, a regular checkup is also advisable as they will grow to adapt the strategy in their families.

What is the importance of dental care?
Oral care, both dentistry and oral hygiene are much important to every person, whether young, youth or old;

  • A good breathe will facilitate how people you are speaking to react towards you, for example, you are a sales person, and you approach someone, eager to make a sale, your breathe isn't so pleasant, for sure the person if they don't have the courage to tell you, will walk away from you and your sales for the day may not reach the desired target.
  • A clean mouth accompanied by regular dental visits will keep your teeth and gums healthy, bacteria find it hard to survive in a clean environment and so they will not thrive in your mouth hence preventing bacterial related infections to your mouth.
  • Regular dental visits enable the dentists check for cavities and they are treated In time and also check for plagues that often lead to tartar on the teeth if not taken care of early. They also check the gums, tongue, head, neck and throat for any signs of swelling or any sign for a disease.
  • A healthy mouth prevents risk of serious health ailments, since most diseases first manifest themselves through the mouth; hence good oral hygiene prevents risk of such diseases and conditions as: heart attack, stroke, poorly controlled diabetes and preterm labor.
  • Proper dental care facilitates retention of teeth and hence you still have your dental formula as you grow old. It's everyone's wish that they grow old with their teeth intact, well here is where to begin; dental care is the main key.

Specialists in dental care
Various persons have specialized in dental care Calgary se so as to facilitate the proper health of everyone's teeth, they include; General dentists, Endodontist, Oral and maxillofacial radiologist, Oral pathologist, Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon, Orthodontist, Pediatric dentist, periodontist just to mention a few.

These is just to show you how important your dental health is, take care of it and don't let it reach a place where a surgery has to be performed on you, however there circumstances we cannot avoid, so if it happens, remember Friends and Family Dental Health SE-Calgary offers all these services, check in for help.

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Line Nadeau Ph.D. et Francine Malouin

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Panel discussion:
"Access to respite care and leisure for children with special needs"
As part of the 36th Annual Meeting of the Child Neurology Society, a panel discussion hosted by the Cerebral Palsy Consortium will take place October 13, 2007 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm. The goal of this panel is to create a discussion surrounding the needs of caregivers and families of children with special needs.

In order to make sure the themes discussed respond to current issues and concerns, we invite you to complete the following survey before June, 30 2007.

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