Cerebral Palsy Consortium

Social participation of people living with a physical deficiency has been a key focal point of our rehabilitation interventions for the past several years.

Full social participation for children living with cerebral palsy implies performing and accomplishing various social roles in both academic and extra-curricular environments (cultural, athletic, etc.). In order for them to achieve this, they must be provided with the possibility to optimise their abilities and to evolve in facilitating environments.

As practitioners, parents, teachers, or researchers our role is to offer children effective support during this process. In order to accomplish this objective, it is necessary for us to gather common knowledge and expertise in the field. It is in this spirit that we have founded the Cerebral Palsy Consortium.

The Consortium is a multidisciplinary initiative promoting research on the social participation of children living with cerebral palsy. Its success depends on the close collaboration of people from different settings and disciplines who are actively involved with children living with cerebral palsy.